More of my work not shown on the web site will now be on display and sold through these galleries:

Mandell's Gallery, Norwich. The gallery is located in the Old Quarter of Norwich, near the Cathedral.
Mandell's Gallery Fine Art Dealers, Elm Hill, Norwich. NR3 1HN. Tel. 01603 626 892
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

The Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft. The gallery is situated approximately 500 yards from the beach in the small village of Pakefield just south of Lowestoft.
The Ferini Gallery, 27 All Saints Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk. NR33 OJL. Tel. 01502 56 22 22
Open: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

Etchings are the first of series of art works, War etchings taken from my diaries which I recorded on my travels as a soldier. Inspired by Goya's etchings 'the disasters of war'.

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    Description:  The cow taken from my NW frontier sketch book Pakistan, shows a lone cow stood in the burning heat of the day within a village square on top of a hill. A broken water pump which once brought water up the hill from the Kabul River standing idle. We went there to engage with our neighbours our camp not far away the idea to fix the pump show the villages we could help, build trust between them and us. Wonder if the pump still works or another cow stands alone in the village square. Description:  A soldier from the Afghanistan National Army holds up what remains of a suicide bomber smiling pleased that he has recovered what is left that initiated the human born device ripping the heart and the sole out of the weekly market. The Soldier believes that he is doing a good job collecting the remains now important to the wider intelligence community. Description: Three Soldiers struggle with a casualty moving to safety after a bomb ripped through the market the drawing merges together one unit moving towards hope or maybe another device. Description: I walk toward the market watching looking observing, all are a threat to me they are unsure about our presence what we will we do for Kabul the wider Afghanistan not important to them. We believe we are here to stabilize the capital of a country help them bring security allow normality to grow. As I look at the individual's within my arc, observing the unusual or the change in the normal, the way a person moves, how has that man found fuel for his motorbike is he the enemy watching our steady progress waiting to inform others that we are on our way . Description:  I am called to the front sanger the interpreter is arguing with a women stood below and outside of the gate, what is wrong with this lady I ask. She has returned to her home here in the city now there is peace. I ask why is she so angry then. She and her family were persecuted by the Taliban and sent far away another family were given her home she has now returned and wants to know what we will do about it. I look at this women, worn and tired stands before me waiting for our help.